Algeria was the least supportive African Group member of the Council’s mandate to respond to situations of human rights violations.

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2014 Analysis

Algeria is the only member of the African Group that voted against more than one country-specific resolution presented to the Council for adoption. In fact, it either abstained or voted no on all of the resolutions voted under agenda Items 2, 4 and 10 during its first year of membership on the Council. It voted against the Sri Lanka resolution, after supporting the motion to adjourn the vote on that same resolution. Algeria was also the only African Group country that opposed two of the three resolutions on Syria adopted this year at the Council. Algeria abstained on the third Syria resolution, as well as on the resolutions on Iran, North Korea, Belarus, and Ukraine. Finally, Algeria joined the joint declaration put forward by Saudi Arabia that backed the government crackdown in Egypt, despite the massive rights violations it entailed. On a more positive note, Algeria supported the request for the special sessions on Central African Republic and the conflict in Gaza.

In spite of Algeria’s general lack of support for resolutions addressing country situations, it voted in favor of all the resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories (OPT). This approach raises serious questions about double standards and selectivity.

Algeria did not co-sponsor any country resolutions in its national capacity, joining only those that were sponsored by the African Group or the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. It only intervened once in an Item 4 country-specific debate of the Council during this first year of its membership, but did take part in several Item 7 and 10 debates.

Algeria justified its opposition to some country resolutions by invoking the lack of balance in the proposed texts, as well as the double standards and selectivity of the Council. Algeria should stop opposing country-specific action without regard to the gravity of human rights violations on the ground, and should find other ways to address the lack of balance of the Council’s resolutions rather than simply opposing them. Algeria should instead commit to fully implementing the Council’s mandate to address and prevent violations and to respond to emergencies, and should base its positions on an objective evaluation of the needs of victims and the international obligations of the government concerned. 

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