Since it returned as a member of the Human Rights Council in 2013, Argentina has played a significant role in supporting the Council's mandate to respond to country situations.

2015 Voting Record

2014 Analysis

Argentina continued to have a strong voting record on country-specific resolutions at the Council. It supported almost all resolutions put to a vote in 2014, including the resolutions on Syria, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Iran and Belarus. It also voted against a hostile non-action motion presented by Pakistan to adjourn the vote on the Sri Lanka resolution. Argentina voted in favor of all resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories (OPT). However, it abstained on the Ukraine resolution under Item 10.

For the first time, Argentina supported the joint statement on the human rights situation in Bahrain delivered in June 2014, expressing concerns about violations and calling on the government of Bahrain to engage with OHCHR. It did not join the declaration addressing the ongoing crackdown in Egypt in March 2014.

Argentina intervened much less regularly during country-specific debates in the Council than it had done in previous years – though the quality of their interventions was high. Argentina is one of seven members of the Council that did not co-sponsor any country-specific resolutions at the Council in 2014. On a positive note, however, in 2014 Argentina supported the convening of the three special sessions held by the Council this year.

As a leading voice at the UN and the Council, Argentina should strengthen its commitment to human rights and accountability by reviewing its practice to not co-sponsor country resolutions, and by participating more broadly in country-specific debates at the Council. It should also continue to support joint statements on situations that are not addressed through resolutions.

Voting record in 2014

Support for key joint statements in 2014

Argentina had a strong voting record on country situations and supported the joint statement calling for the Security Council to refer the Syrian case to the ICC. However, the fact that Argentina did not sign on to the joint statements delivered in March and September 2013 on the human rights situation in Bahrain was disappointing.

Argentina voted in favor of all the resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.

Argentina contributed to numerous country-specific debates that took place in the Council, including discussions on Syria, North Korea, Burma and Ivory Coast, making its engagement diverse and non-selective.  However Argentina overshadowed its overall record by being one of the only ten members of the Council which did not co-sponsor any country specific resolutions of the Council in 2013. Argentina could improve its record by co-sponsoring such resolutions and revisiting its position on Bahrain.

Voting record in 2013

2013 Analysis

Support for key joint statements in 2013