Ecuador was among the least supportive members of the Council with regard to action on country-specific violations. It contested country-specific action at the Council as politicized and selective, yet failed to support action when objective information about violations was made available.

Voting Record in 2016

2012/2013 Analysis

Ecuador voted against the resolutions on human rights in Sri Lanka. Ecuador also voted against the establishment of the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus in 2012. It abstained on Iran resolutions and the resolution on Belarus in 2013. Ecuador’s position on the Syrian human rights crisis was largely unhelpful:  it opposed initial Syria resolutions and abstained on all other votes regarding Syria, with the exception of a single positive vote on a Syria resolution in 2012. On a lone positive note, Ecuador voted in favor of all the amendments aimed at improving the text of the Libya resolution.

Ecuador did not sign on to any of the key joint statements made on country situations and it co-sponsored only one country-specific resolution on Somalia, in March 2012.

Ecuador voted in favor of all the resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories. This record, when contrasted with its performance on country-specific work involving the rest of the world, illustrates selectivity in its engagement. 

From March 2012, Ecuador intervened quite regularly in the Council’s country-specific debates. Often Ecuador stated that it condemns violations of human rights in any part of the world, independently of the circumstances in which such violations take place or who the authors of the violations are. In the debates of the Council, Ecuador did express concern about violations in several countries, but did not translate that concern into supporting action on country situations more generally. Despite the Council's explicit mandate to address situations of violations and respond promptly to human rights emergencies, Ecuador argued that the Council should prioritize the UPR as the sole tool to promote and protect human rights in country-specific contexts. 

Voting record in 2012

Support for key joint statements in 2012

Voting record in 2013

Support for key joint statements in 2013