Guatemala ended its membership in 2013 with a strong voting record on country situations.

2012/2013 Analysis

In 2013, Guatemala voted in favor of all country resolutions put to a vote.  In particular, Guatemala revisited its position on the Special Rapporteur mandate on Belarus, and changed its vote from an abstention to a vote of support in 2013.

Guatemala's strong voting record was overshadowed by its lack of support for other country-specific initiatives. Unlike some of its peers in the GRULAC, Guatemala did not join initiatives aimed at holding a broader range of countries to account for their human rights records, including the joint statements on Bahrain and Eritrea.

Guatemala did stand out by co-sponsoring the resolution on Sri Lanka, while many other GRULAC states looked on as bystanders.  The Sri Lanka resolutions were, however, the only country-specific resolutions that Guatemala co-sponsored in 2012 and 2013.

In 2012 Guatemala only voted in favor of the resolution on the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and abstained on all other resolutions on Palestine and other occupied Arab territories. However, in 2013 Guatemala voted in favor of all the resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.

With the exception of the debates on Syria and Haiti, Guatemala rarely spoke during the country-specific debates of the Council. In the future, Guatemala should consolidate its positive work on country-specific situations by sponsoring more resolutions and increasing its participation in the Council's debates.

Voting record in 2012

Support for key joint statements in 2012

Voting record in 2013

Support for key joint statements in 2013