HRC 19/39 - Libya amendment on UN reporting and monitoring

Amendment 2 to the resolution "Assistance for Libya in the field of human rights"

adopted 23 March 2012

Following the presentation of the final report of the Commission of Inquiry on Libya to the Human Rights Council, a resolution was adopted focused on assisting Libya in the human rights field. The resolution failed to follow up on a majority of recommendations made by the Commission of Inquiry. An amendment to the resolution was tabled by Russia inviting the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to inform the Council on "human rights developments in Libya".  This amendment would have given the OHCHR the mandate to report on the actual human rights situation on the ground in Libya and not just on the technical assistance it provided to Libya in the field of human rights. The amendment which addressed a real need for reporting on the situation in the country was regrettably rejected by a majority of Member States – who came under strong criticism from NGOs.

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