Libya's membership on the Council ended in 2013. By the end of its term, Libya’s engagement on country situations placed it among the strongest supporters in the African Group.

2012/2013 Analysis

Libya's initial engagement in the Council after being reinstated as a member was disappointing.[1] Libya played a particularly negative role when its own human rights situation came under consideration at the Council in March 2012. At that time, Libya rejected proposals for OHCHR to monitor and report on situation to the Council and threatened to withdraw the resolution if amendments suggesting such measures were introduced. In 2013, Libya improved its commitment to cooperate with the UN and accepted the adoption of a resolution that better reflected the realities on the ground and gave the UN a reporting role on the situation.

Libya's engagement on other country situations considered by the Council also improved in 2013. It moved from abstaining on the Iran resolution in 2012 to supporting the resolution in 2013. Libya also joined the Swiss-coordinated joint statement calling ontheSecurity Council to refer the situation in Syria to the ICC. Libya supported the adoption of the Syria and Sri Lanka resolutions in that year as well. Libya's abstention on the Belarus resolution marred its otherwise strong voting record in 2013.

Libya also voted in favor of all the resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.

In 2012 and 2013 Libya co-sponsored 48 country-specific resolutions under agenda items 1, 4, 7 and 10. Libya should continue to cooperate with the Council and the OHCHR as a means of addressing the serious human rights violations in the country.

[1]The rights of membership to the Human Rights Council of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya were suspended by the General Assembly on March 1, 2011, following the Gaddafi government's brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters in February 2011. Its membership was restored on November 18, 2011,shortly after the collapse of the Gaddafi government.

Voting record in 2012

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Voting record in 2013

Support for key joint statements in 2013