Mauritius concluded its term of membership on the Council in 2012. During its term, Mauritius’ record of support for the Council's action on country-specific situations was relatively strong. However, Mauritius lowered its profile at the Council in 2012, participating in fewer debates and negotiations.

2012 Analysis

Mauritius supported the adoption of most of the country resolutions put to a vote under agenda items 2 and 4. However, Mauritius abstained on the resolution on Iran, and did not support two of the three amendments that would have strengthened the Libya resolution in March 2012.

Mauritius voted in favor of all the resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.

Mauritius’ support for the joint statement on the situation of human rights in Eritrea was a welcome and important step. However Mauritius did not sign the statement calling for the Security Council to refer the case of Syria to the ICC in 2012 or the statement expressing concern with the human rights situation in Bahrain.

In 2012, Mauritius co-sponsored 16 country-specific resolutions under agenda items 1, 4 and 10. Mauritius was one of only two countries in the African group that did not participate in any of the country-specific debates in the Council in 2012, a sign of its lowering profile. Mauritius should urgently address this situation and re-engage as an active player in such debates. 

Voting record in 2012

Support for key joint statements in 2012

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