Qatar had a mixed voting record at the Council. Qatar's selective engagement on country situations was a particular concern.

Voting Record in 2016

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2012/2013 Analysis

Qatar was one of the main supporters of the Council’s Syria resolutions. As a key co-sponsor, Qatar played a lead role in mobilizing support for the resolutions on Syria and voted in favor of all of them. Qatar also voted in favor of all the resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories. Qatar, however, did not support the Council's work on other country situations. In 2012, Qatar voted against the resolutions on human rights in Iran and Sri Lanka and abstained on the on the Belarus resolution. It also voted against amendments to improve the Libya resolution in March 2012. In 2013, Qatar again rejected the Sri Lanka resolution, abstained on the Belarus resolution, and did not vote on the Iran resolution.

Qatar did not join any of the joint statements made at the Council on Bahrain, Eritrea, or on referral by the Security Council of the Syrian case to the ICC.

Qatar frequently participated in the country-specific debates of the Council. Qatar also co-sponsored 36 country-specific resolutions.

Qatar should improve its engagement in the Council by bringing more consistency in its approach, including by revisiting its positions on Sri Lanka, Belarus and Iran.

Voting record in 2012

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Voting record in 2013

Support for key joint statements in 2013