Senegal ended its term as a Council member in 2012. Senegal's voting record improved during its term, and could be further enhanced. Senegal played an important role as African Group coordinator, facilitating many negotiations focusing on situations of concern in Africa.

2012 Analysis

Senegal voted in favor of all the Council’s resolutions on the human rights situation in Syria and also supported the Council's action on Iran. However, Senegal abstained on the resolutions addressing the human rights situations in Belarus and Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, Senegal also failed to support amendments that would have improved the resolution on human rights in Libya in March 2012.

Senegal did not support any of the key joint statements made on country situations. It is particularly regrettable that Senegal did not sign the joint statement on human rights in Eritrea, which enjoyed the support of key African delegations.

Senegal voted in favor of all the Council’s resolutions focusing on the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories. 

In 2012 Senegal co-sponsored 27 country-specific resolutions and played an important role in many of the negotiations that addressed situations in African countries. In its capacity as African Group coordinator, Senegal intervened frequently in the country-specific debates of the Council.

As a prominent and well-respected delegation in the Council, Senegal should enhance its engagement on country situations at the Council. It should continue to participate actively in negotiations and country-specific debates and revisit its position on Sri Lanka and Belarus. 

Voting record in 2012

Support for key joint statements in 2012

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